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Optimizing Your Inventory Management
Process Through Mobile BLE Technology

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Access your ERP data on your mobile device with Bezlio’s powerful mobile platform.

Bezlio’s ERP app seamlessly integrates with all the data in your organization’s Epicor ERP and CRM systems. Access crucial data from anywhere on your mobile device.
  • The first mobile app of its kind.
    Bezlio pioneered the mobile ERP industry with an app designed specifically for manufacturers needing a cost-effective solution to put the power of their ERP in the hands of their mobile users.
  • Easily track field sales, time, and materials.
    Bezlio’s versatile mobile app for Epicor ERP systems gives shop floor, sales, and field service teams the ability to seamlessly work from anywhere on mobile devices.
  • Protects your data while staying innovative.
    Bezlio uses a secure cloud technology, allowing your organization’s users to use Epicor ERP inside and outside of your network. The app requires no open firewall ports and does not store data in the cloud.